We’ve Got Our Ducts in a Row!


With the dust storm that blew through last week and the heat that followed in its wake, the A/C systems of Houston are working overtime to keep things cool! But did that dust storm leave your A/C system full of extra dirt?  In fact, excess dust is one of the big reasons that we get called in.  

If you’re seeing a lot of dust in your house, give us a call.  It could be that your ducts look like this: 

That picture is from the apartment complex that one of our commercial crews has been cleaning.  All the dust and dirt in that picture was blowing into their home!  Every time their A/C kicked on, the dust would blow into the air and settle on their kitchen counter, the top of the refrigerator, the top of their food, in their drinks…gross!  Don’t eat it, clean it!  

Here’s a nice after shot: 

Here, you can see that we have treated the ducts with an anti-fungal, anti-microbial coating.  No more dirt, no more dust, just clean air!