Tips for Talking to your Boss about Office Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality

Customer, employee or tenant complaints are the number one reason that we get called for commercial air duct cleaning. This means making your voice heard, while not always the easiest, has a direct impact on the steps taken to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Your concerns may be longstanding or new upon returning to the office after years of remote work but no matter why you feel that the air ducts in your building need professional attention we have some great tips below to help you start the conversation with confidence.  

Highlight the Benefits

Begin by highlighting the benefits of professional air duct cleaning. Be sure to emphasize how these benefits can positively impact the business’s bottom line. Some of our favorites include:

  1. Improved indoor air quality: Air ducts can accumulate dust, debris, and other pollutants over time, which can affect the quality of the indoor air. Professional air duct cleaning can remove these contaminants and improve the overall indoor air quality.
  2. Better energy efficiency: When HVAC systems are clogged or dirty, it can restrict the flow of air and make HVAC systems work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This can lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. Professional HVAC system cleaning including the coils, blowers and air ducts can help improve the efficiency of HVAC systems and reduce energy costs.
  3. Reduced risk of respiratory issues: Poor indoor air quality can increase the risk of respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma. Professional HVAC system cleaning can help reduce the level of pollutants, allergens, mold and fungus in the air, leading to a healthier indoor environment.
  4. Improved workplace productivity: A clean and healthy indoor environment can contribute to increased workplace productivity, as employees are less likely to experience health problems or discomfort related to poor indoor air quality leading to sick days and time off.

Provide Evidence

Provide evidence that supports your argument. For example, share statistics on the number of illnesses and absences caused by poor indoor air quality, and explain how air duct cleaning can help reduce these issues. You could collect data on the amount of energy your HVAC system is using, as well as the frequency of breakdowns, to demonstrate the potential cost savings of air duct cleaning. You could also cite studies that show the benefits of clean air ducts. These two guides from the EPA are a great source:

Provide Specific Examples

If you are revisiting the idea of air duct cleaning with your employer, provide specific examples of issues that have arisen since the last discussion. For instance, if an employee has recently reported respiratory problems or seen debris blowing out of the system onto their desk, you can use this as evidence that the air ducts need to be cleaned. 

Address any previous objections

If your employer has previously rejected your request for air duct cleaning, it may be helpful to address any objections they raised. For example, if they were concerned about the disruption to daily operations during the cleaning process, you could suggest scheduling the service during off-hours or on weekends to minimize the impact on employees.

Consider the timing

Timing can be everything when it comes to convincing your employer to invest in air duct cleaning. For example, if your HVAC system is due for routine maintenance or repair, this may be a good time to suggest air duct cleaning as an additional service. Additionally, if your employer is planning to renovate or remodel the building, this could be an opportunity to clean the air ducts after the work is completed to remove all the construction dust.

Suggest a Trial Duct Cleaning Area

If your employer is still hesitant, suggest a segmented approach duct cleaning. This will allow them to experience the benefits of clean air ducts without committing to servicing the entire facility. Let them know many commercial jobs start with one area of the building and gradually expand to the entire building in stages.

Offer to gather quotes

If your employer is concerned about the cost of air duct cleaning, offer to gather quotes. This can help reassure your employer that the investment is worthwhile. A checklist for hiring a professional duct cleaner includes making sure they are NADCA certified, hold the appropriate state license required for air duct cleaning and are insured. Power Vac America would be happy to quote your commercial job and can be reached at 713-645-4611. 

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas for how to approach a conversation with your employer about addressing your indoor air quality concerns. Convincing your employer to invest in professional air duct cleaning for a commercial building can be challenging, especially if they have previously refused the idea. Remember to remain professional and persistent in your approach, and don’t give up until you’ve achieved a positive outcome. 

Again, if you have any questions, please call Power Vac America at 713-645-4611 and visit our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning page at: