Shannon Simon

Operations Manager

Shannon has been with Power Vac America since 2005, during which time he has worked his way from Technician, to Crew Leader, to resident BBQ Pit Master, to Project Manager. If anything goes amiss in any aspect of our daily operations, Shannon is the one to go to since he’s experienced all the different stages of our work first-hand. But it’s not just his time-logged experience, he is also a very keen observer; he has a remarkable eye for quickly assessing the most efficient way of approaching individual jobs, how to delegate work to the people with the most compatible skill sets, and how to meet the customer’s needs in the most personable, yet direct way. Shannon’s keen senses make him an excellent technician, very adept at problem solving in the field, and also an unparalleled judge of character. (He also has a super-human sense of smell, and is an excellent whistler).