Our Services

Air Vent Cleaning, Cooling Tower Cleaning, Commercial Coil Cleaning, and Duct Cleaning Services in Sugar Land, Cypress, Austin, Houston, Pearland, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Commercial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services Including:


Air Duct Cleaning


Air Handler Cleaning


Coil Cleaning


Vent Cleaning


Robotic inspection and cleaning


Duct resurfacing and coating to help prevent growth of fungus and bacteria


Duct sealing to reduce duct leakage and improve energy savings


If you are looking to control fungus, bacteria, particulates, dirt, debris, odors and health concerns in your HVAC system and air ducts, call Power Vac America today for your commercial air duct cleaning services.


If you are experiencing excess dust, odors, black stuff blowing out or mold on your ceiling registers, you need to call Power Vac America today for our Residential Air Duct Cleaning service.  Serving Houston and the surrounding area, we will clean your system in accordance with the NADCA standards.


As a local, state or federal government agency, you need to find the highest quality for ducting cleaning in the most efficient procurement process possible.  To meet this need, we have a variety of interlocal procurement contracts already in place.  We want to make your job for finding an air duct and HVAC systems cleaner easier with the contracts that we hold.


Your crew on your ship, yacht, tug boat, cruise ship or docked oil rig will benefit from having the HVAC system and air ducts cleaned by a professional Marine Air Duct Cleaning specialist.  If you are in Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast area, give us a call and let us rid your HVAC system of the stuff that is making everyone sick.


If you are experiencing indoor air quality problems at your industrial plant, chemical plant or warehouse facility, you need solutions that can be accomplished with safety as the highest priority.  With our extensive experience working in refinery plants and other industrial complexes, we have a solution that will fit your facility. Call us to find out about our solutions for industrial facilities and our A+ rating for safety on ISNetworld.

Bid Room

Do you have a public or private construction job that is asking for a bid on duct cleaning?

Power Vac America has an Air Duct Cleaning Bid Room that is capable of providing you an estimate on your projects that specify air duct cleaning. We can provide you with a written proposal for your post-construction or post-renovation project, whether you are a mechanical contractor, a general contractor, or a specialty contractor.