PVA Awarded TIPS Contract! But What is TIPS?

Association News

PVA Awarded a TIPS Contract

Congrats to the hard working team at Power Vac America!  We are pleased to announce that as of July 25, 2013, we are now a TIPS Vendor for Disaster Restoration & Emergency Recovery Services.

But What the Heck is TIPS?

TIPS stands for “The Interlocal Purchasing System”.  The name may be dry, but this is actually very exciting!  This means that state agencies, schools, local government agencies, etc. who are members of TIPS can count on us to provide superior service to them when they are most in need and are in a worst-case-scenario.

Imagine you are the person in charge of a small elementary school. Hurricane XYZ storms across your little school, ripping the roof off one of the classrooms and shattering window panes.  Water rushes in to the classroom through the missing ceiling tiles, leaving the classroom a dripping mess of saturated carpeting and soggy remnants.
A Network When You Need It Most

Now, the cleanup begins.  But who can you trust?  Well, if you’re a member of TIPS, you have a solid network of trusted contractors who have been thoroughly vetted and researched.

Where does Power Vac America come in?  In Houston, the humidity and heat causes all that wet carpeting and soggy drywall to being producing mold spores almost immediately.  In fact, you’ll know it by it’s smell: musty, mildewy, aged, and stale.

That, my friends, is the dreaded four-letter “M word”: Mold.  The moment the dampness set in to the carpet and walls, mold spores became busy blossoming and blooming, helped by the Houston humidity and heat.  The spores floated into your ductwork and settled into their new happy home hidden behind the ceiling tiles.  In fact, sometimes you can even see it growing out of your A/C vents, like in this photo.

When To Call Power Vac America

All that happy mold in your ductwork is causing that horrible “mildewy” smell.  When you’re dealing with a disaster like this, give Power Vac America a call.  We can clean your ductwork and kick that mold out.  With our TIPS Contract, you know you’ll get our best service when you are in your most stressful and difficult time!  

Like in this photo, we will clean it and coat it with an anti-fungal and anti-microbial coating.  Basically, we fix the problem and make the mold go away!