Power Vac America attends TAPPA 2006

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Power Vac America attends TAPPA 2006 

The Texas Association of Physical Plant Administrators  (TAPPA) represent over 115 Texas educational organizations, junior and community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities.  They are a non-profit organization that promotes, common interests, proficiency and professionalism in college and university Physical Plant operations to include planning, development, administration, maintenance and operations; to foster professional ideals and standards, and to better serve the objectives of institutions of higher education.

With over 150 attendees from the colleges and universities, they kept us busy manning the booth discussing Indoor Air Quality Issues, HVAC System cleaning, and Air Duct Cleaning services that we provide.

The summer break is an idea time to get these issues resolved with a short window of opportunity before the fall semester starts and students start coming back.

Thank you TAPPA 2006!  We enjoyed our visit to Dallas and the theme “Tap into Somethin’ BIG”.  See you in Laredo.

We want to hear from you! Call or email to tell us about your indoor air quality problems.  We’ll help you find the right solution.