POWER VAC AMERICA attends IAQA—NAFA Conference in Las Vegas

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POWER VAC AMERICA attends IAQA—NAFA Conference in Las Vegas

POWER VAC AMERICA attends the IAQA—NAFA Conference in Las Vegas.  The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) held a combined conference and exposition September 27-30 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Power Vac America is committed to continuing education and training in the IAQ and HVAC system cleaning service.

The keynote address by Dr. Earl Taylor: Creating Partnerships, Building Bridges was worth the cost of the conference.  The IAQA-NAFA convention is a shining example of the benefits that come when two organizations combine forces and work together. For the convention keynote, the associations selected a world-renown expert on how to maximize benefits in your business and personal life through strategic partnerships and networking. Dr. Earl Taylor discussed how to do the groundwork before a networking event, how to choose the right events to attend and the importance of knowing who is “coming to dinner.” The presentation covered how to exchange ideas, information and resources and how our attitude becomes a key to our networking life. Dr. Taylor discussed the difference between networking and selling, how to prepare the questions we should be asking other attendees, when we should arrive, where we sit, and how to determine whether people can be a source of information or a potential client. The importance of giving vs. receiving, how to slip away, how to follow up and the importance of developing a plan of action was discussed.

Some of the other workshops that POWER VAC AMERICA attended were:

  • Inspection and Maintenance, an Important Industry Standard Bob Baker, BBJ Environmental Solutions Inc.
  • The Economic Benefits of Maintaining Hygienic Ventilation Systems Jim Buell, BBJ Environmental Solutions Inc.
  • Special Tools for Special Needs Clients Carl Grimes, Healthy Habitats Chris Watson, Aamrex Inc.
  • IAQA General Membership Meeting
  • HVAC Hygiene Council

If any of these topics interest you, please give me a call and I can share what we learned.

Doug Long, ASCS