Post-Harvey Flood Clean-up

Climate and Enviroment Hvac System Cleaning

A home in Houston’s Energy Corridor that was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. (photo credit: Revolution Messaging) 

Flooding in Texas

As Houston and the surrounding areas continue to recover from this disastrous event, we hope that you, your family, and your home have made it out safe.

We are here to help.

Post Flood Clean Up

To expedite your clean up process, call us for the HVAC and air duct cleaning portion of the restoration.  We will work diligently and clean to the 2013 NADCA standards for air duct cleaning. (See our advice for maintaining indoor air quality after Hurricane Ike.)

Per the CDC, floodwaters necessitate air duct cleaning, because “moisture can collect in HVAC system components that were not submerged (such as air supply ducts above the water line) and can promote the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, all components of the HVAC system that were contaminated with flood water or moisture should be thoroughly inspected, cleaned of dirt and debris, and disinfected by a qualified professional.” As a NADCA certified air duct cleaning company, we are your air duct cleaning qualified professional!