Post Construction Air Duct Cleanup & Post Construction Dust Removal In The Woodlands, Cypress, Sugar Land, Pearland, Houston, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Post-Construction Problems

It’s no secret that construction projects can leave a big mess for your home or business. Even though you may dust, clean, and disinfect every inch of your home or business, your air ducts are a magnet for dirt and debris that can tarnish your indoor air quality. From humidity, dust, and soil build-up, your ductwork needs to be professionally cleaned after the completion of construction projects, and we can help!

At Power Vac America, we service homes and businesses in Sugar Land, Pearland, Cypress, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas with professional post-construction air duct cleanup and post-construction dust removal services. With a professional team of technicians and a reputation for excellence that dates back to 1991, we’re the trusted choice for all your duct cleaning and cleanup needs.

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Post Construction Dust Removal from Air Ducts

Did you know that dust can pass through your windpipe and go directly to your lungs? Whether organic or inorganic, dust is a foreign material that can compromise your health and cause illness and long-term health concerns. If your home or business is under construction, then you need to line up a professional for post-construction dust removal.

Our professionals provide you with proper air duct cleaning that removes dander, dust, and debris left behind by construction. Following a concise process for post-construction air duct cleanup, we thoroughly sanitize your ductwork to improve your indoor air quality, and to top off our work, we can provide air duct sealing, an anti-fungal coating to prevent the spread of germs and contaminants that can derive from dust particles.

Air Vent Cleaning and Duct Cleaning Services

Your air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years to ensure optimal indoor air quality for your home and/or business. With the increased humidity in Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, and the rest of the Southeast Texas area, it’s important that you’re having your air vents and ductwork cleaned for mold, dust, and debris. If you’ve just undergone construction, then post-construction air duct cleanup is even more relevant!

Professional air duct cleaning has several benefits for residents and commercial businesses, including:

  • Efficiency – Duct cleaning and post-construction dust removal rids your ductwork of build-up and improves the energy-efficiency and air-flow of your unit.
  • Odors – Mold, dust, and bacteria can cause unpleasant odors that are off-putting to guests, loved ones, and/or clients. Duct cleaning can remove unpleasant odors and improve the ambiance of your home or business.
  • Hygiene – Cleaning your ductwork not only helps you breathe easier but promotes the overall hygiene of your indoor environment by removing toxins from your ductwork.

Tired of dealing with dust?

Through safe and effective treatments, we get rid of the dust that continues to circulate through your HVAC system with air duct cleaning, and post-construction dust removal. Proudly serving Houston and the surrounding areas, including Sugar Land, Pearland, Cypress, The Woodlands, and Austin, Texas. To learn more about our professional post-construction air duct cleanup services, give us a call today at 713-645-461

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