Construction projects tend to kick up large amounts of dirt, dust, and other unwanted debris. The troublesome grime latches on to your air ducts and vents, severely reducing indoor air quality. If you want to protect your duct system and ensure your indoor air is fresh and clean, contact Power Vac America for unmatched post-construction air duct cleanup in Pasadena, TX.Power Vac America has provided first-class post-construction air duct cleaning services to Pasadena residents for over 30 years. We specialize in high-quality air duct and vent cleaning that ensures your indoor air quality is the best it can be.

Our team has extensive experience with both residential and commercial duct cleaning, allowing us to handle nearly any post-construction cleanup project. If you want the best post-construction air duct cleanup in the greater Pasadena area, Power Vac America is for you.

Post-Construction Dust Removal in Pasadena, TX

Dust does more than block your heating and cooling system’s airflow. It also causes serious illnesses and long-term health conditions if inhaled, making excess dust buildup potentially hazardous. Power Vac America eliminates all forms of dust and grime latching onto your air ducts, giving your home or business a steady flow of fresh, clean air for years to come.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your air ducts remain in pristine condition long after they receive cleaning. We thoroughly sanitize the duct system and even provide professional air duct sealing that prevents future fungal infestations. Below are some of the benefits of our superior post-construction air duct cleanup services:

  • Increased airflow and efficiency
  • Reduced odors
  • Enhanced hygiene and air quality

After Construction, Dust Gets EVERYWHERE!

Get it Cleaned EVERYWHERE!

Through safe and effective treatments, we get rid of the dust that continues to circulate through your HVAC system with air duct cleaning, and post-construction dust removal. Proudly serving Houston and the surrounding areas, including Pasadena, Sugar Land, Pearland, Cypress, The Woodlands, and Austin, Texas.

Post-Construction Air Duct Cleanup for Pasadena, TX

At Power Vac America, we take pride in servicing the wonderful Pasadena community. John H. Burnett founded this great city in 1893. It quickly transformed into an agricultural powerhouse, becoming the regional leader in strawberry production. Pasadena eventually transformed into an industrial hub while maintaining its rich farming history. Today, we enjoy the best of both worlds and pay tribute to the city’s history with yearly festivals and traditions.

Don’t let a lot of dust take shelter in your air ducts after your next big construction project. Contact Power Vac America for superior post-construction air duct cleanup in Pasadena, TX. Contact us and let us handle all your duct cleaning needs post-construction today!

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