Having work done on your home or business means that you are updating things to what you want. What you don’t want is the clean up after the construction, and sometimes that can linger with dirt and dust all over the place. The professionals at Power Vac America provide the solution with post-construction dust removal and post-construction air duct cleanup. Even though you may dust, clean, and disinfect every inch of your West University home or business, your air ducts are a magnet for dirt and debris that can tarnish your indoor air quality. From humidity, dust, and soil build-up, your ductwork needs to be professionally cleaned after the completion of construction projects.

Post Construction Dust Removal Services in West University, TX

Did you know that dust can pass through your windpipe and go directly to your lungs? Whether organic or inorganic, dust is a foreign material that can compromise your health and cause illness and long-term health concerns. This is why it is important to schedule Power Vac America to perform a post-construction dust removal program so that you can avoid inhaling the different dust and dirt particles that could compromise your health. The indoor air quality of your home or business after construction is done will be at very bad levels, and this affects everything that you do while you are indoors, including sleeping.

Post Construction Duct Cleanup in West University, TX

Your West University air ducts are important to keep clean, and having construction done stirs up and adds a lot of dust and other irritants into the air. These contaminants like to settle in your air ducts, and then it just recycles throughout your home or business until you take care of it with a post-construction air duct cleanup from Power Vac America. Our professionals provide you with proper air duct cleaning that removes dander, dust, and debris left behind by construction. Following a concise process for post-construction air duct cleanup, we thoroughly sanitize your ductwork to improve your indoor air quality, and to top off our work, we can provide air duct sealing, an anti-fungal coating to prevent the spread of germs and contaminants that can derive from dust particles. Call Power Vac America today to get your air duct cleaning scheduled.

About West University, TX

Prior to 1992 West University liberalized its development rules. This allowed developers to build new houses within the city. Don Stowers of the Houston Post said that West University changed from an “aging middle-class neighborhood” consisting of mid-20th century bungalows and cottages to an increasingly wealthy community of “dare we say, young urban professionals in their austere red-brick Georgians.” Eventually, West University ran out of available lots, and its construction peaked.

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