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4 Ways to Stay Cool When It’s Hot

4 Ways to Stay Cool When It’s Hot

4 Ways to Stay Cool When It's Hot as Heck Y'all.  It is hot out there. With a heat index of 113 projected for today in Houston, Power Vac America headquarters is busy planning ways to stay cool. When we're cleaning an A/C unit in a house or in an office, we have to...

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Houston 2016 Best Pick

We are pleased to announce that Power Vac America was selected as a 2016 Certified Best Pick for duct cleaning by Best Picks Reports.  This is our 6th year as a Best Pick and we are proud to have made the cut once again. Each company selected by Best Picks Reports for...

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Highlights from the Twitter Feed:

Can your flex duct be cleaned? Absolutely!
Doug Long is featured in Voyage Houston! Check out his interview to read about his journey into the air duct cleaning business.

Does your building have a musty/mildew smell? Maybe your cooling coils are responsible. Read it on our blog post! http://powervacamerica.com/cooling-coils-odor/
Cooling Coils: A Source of Odors in Your Commercial Building? - PowerVacAmerica
If you or your tenants notice a musty smell, it could be that your cooling coils are clogged up with debris. Call us to clean your cooling coils.
What an honor! Power Vac America gave a presentation to the Silver Fox Advisors last week http://powervacamerica.com/bbb-houston-and-silver-fox-advisors-presentation/
BBB Houston and Silver Fox Advisors Presentation - PowerVacAmerica
Power Vac America gave a presentation to the BBB Houston and Silver Fox Advisors on air duct cleaning Houston last week. What an honor!
It's summer time in Texas. That means we've cranked up the A/C to beat the heat. But what if your A/C is blowing out dust or allergens? http://powervacamerica.com/commercial-air-duct-cleaning-texas/
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Texas in the Summer - PowerVacAmerica
Commercial air duct cleaning in Texas during the summer. Can you clean your air ducts when it's hot outside? Yes! We tell you how.

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