Katie Long Announcement

About Power Vac America

February 2, 2009

Power Vac America is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Long as Manager of Marketing and GSA Administrator. Katie is the daughter of Doug Long and joined the company in April of 2008. She is a cum laude graduate of St. Thomas University in Houston with a BA degree in history. With a strong academic background, Katie brings organization, structure, youth, and new ideas to these positions.

Power Vac America is excited to have her as part of the management team and Manager of Marketing. Technology is constantly changing and Power Vac America will continue to utilize new technology in its marketing strategy. Katie brings the generation of text messaging, internet searches, smart phones and a paperless society to the management team. She will be working to retire the fax machine and snail mail as outbound marketing tools.

As Manager of Marketing, Katie is responsible for the marketing contact list. Katie will also be bringing new ideas and insight to the monthly articles currently published in the ACCA Hotline and the ACOE Times. Part of her responsibilities as Manger of Marketing is the “currently bidding” projects. These are projects that are posted on various online bidding websites. She identifies the projects that specify a “post construction” cleaning of the HVAC system and ductwork and provides HVAC mechanical contractors estimates prior to the bid date. This is one area Katie is moving to an email distribution instead of a fax distribution. Some other ideas that Katie is investigating is adding a blog to the website, adding a project status page to the website for current customers and getting more involved in the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) and the Green initiatives.

Power Vac America has submitted an offer to the General Service Administration (GSA) to obtain a contract that will allow us to bid on federal projects. Katie has been appointed GSA Administrator to research and provide the Power Vac America management team an affective interface with the GSA Contract Specialist. Once we receive the contract, her responsibilities will be expanded to market our GSA contract and find bidding opportunities for federal projects.

Again, all of us at Power Vac America are excited to have Katie as part of our management team and hope that you will welcome her to our company.

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