Are Internet Attacks Costing You Money?

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Are Internet Attacks costing you money? – by Eldon Moreland

It seems that each week we hear of a new virus or worm spreading like wild fire throughout the internet.  We all know the media likes stories like this, but is it relevant to you?  The question is: Are you loosing money?  After all, who would want to bother with a small business?  Aren’t the big corporations the ones that need to be worried?

The big corporations are worried and they are spending millions of dollars a year to protect their computer systems.  Unfortunately, most internet attacks are a crime of opportunity. The attacker does not care whether the victim is a big business, a small business or a home computer.  All the attacker cares about is that his attack will work.  While hacking is alive and well in the computer underworld it is viruses and worms that are the greater danger today and neither one cares who it attacks.  Both viruses and worms are just computer programs and programs don’t care who the victim is.   They just want more victims.

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