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As I look out my window and the gray clouds covering the entire sky it is impossible to deny that winter is in fact here. By now the reality of the New Year has sunk in and things are more or less back to business as usual. A new year is always symbolic of change and growth and new beginnings and because of that I’d like to focus this article on gaining new perspective and in a way that will be beneficial to you both in business and in life. With cold weather brings extended amounts of time indoors and more time to be introspective and allows you more time to prepare for what will surely be an unforgettable year. What this year holds for you is not left merely to chance or the economic climate but can be molded through your own actions and thoughts. Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude is one of the greatest benefits of being human and if you start now you can soon have control of your own reality.

This isn’t about faking it, it isn’t about pretending some terrible situation is just what you always wanted; a truly Positive Mental Attitude is all about maintaining the belief that you can transform difficult situations in to something you’d much rather have. It’s never about lying to yourself, it’s all about empowering yourself. With all great achievements in life, there is always a first step. Without that crucial first step, nothing else can occur. What we’re talking about here is you’re attitude, the belief than you can, or can’t will determine EVERYTHING which follows. This may sound a bit heady so let me explain in the simplest terms possible.

We can take steps to get away from something, like getting away from a bad relationship, a struggling career, or getting away from our bills and other burdens, that’s the essence of Negative Thinking. We see the negative, and we seek to get away from it or avoid it altogether. The problem of course is that all that negative focus just finds us hopping from one bad thing to the next, and as we all know: “That which we focus on is that which we approach.” Now, the other side of the spectrum is when we make the commitment to the shift, and the shift is simple: “Towards.”

We can either try to get away from something (negative perspective), or we can make the decision to be heading towards something (positive perspective). You see, it’s a perspective change, but it makes all the difference in the world. Instead of taking steps to get away from something, or to overcome and obstacle (focused on destruction, dis-empowering), we take steps towards something better, we actively create the solutions! (focused on creation, empowering).

This mental exercise can be applied to any area of your life and it won’t take long before you see that what you project into the world is what you get back from it. The hardest part for most people seems to be finding the time to actually maintain PMA. It will take a conscious effort at first to completely change the way you perceive your daily actions. Like a new diet or exercise routine it takes work but the pay off is great and the more time you spend forcing yourself to do it the more habitual it comes until it is second nature.

This isn’t magic or a quick fix to the daily grind but a way to focus your energy on getting what you really want out of life. I hope that even without changing anything 2011 brings surprises and rewards all around and at the very least you stop to appreciate all the things that make your life intrinsically yours.

Katie Long

Power Vac America, Inc.]

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