Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you are looking to control fungus, bacteria, particulates, dirt, debris, odors and health concerns in your HVAC system and air ducts, we have the services to solve these problems!

Power Vac America has been handling your industrial air duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Texas and all points in between since 1991(30 years)!

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ISNetworld: Safety First

Safety comes first at your industrial facility or plant. We share your goal of a zero-incident safety culture, which is why we maintain our credentials with ISNetworld. Since we have already gone through ISNetworld’s vigorous testing, you can hire us assured of our exemplary safety protocols. We currently hold an A rating for our proven safety plan through ISNetworld.

Credentials Mean We’re Ready When You Are

Not sure of your start date for cleaning your air handlers? That’s okay. We already have the credentials and training on hand, so we’re ready to go when you say start. All of our employees maintain their TWIC, basic plus, and TDLR registered technician credentials, as well as background checked and drug tested.  We’re ready. Call us.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

If your employees, clients or tenants have stuff blowing out of the air ducts and covering their desk every day, if they are complaining of allergy and respiratory problems while they are at work, or if they are threatening OSHA or HR complaints, then let Power Vac America help you solve these problems.

Power Vac America will clean your air ducts in accordance with the NADCA standards. Source removal is the primary focus of this standard, which means that we will remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up inside of the ductwork and is causing these problems.

Power Vac America will use state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for commercial air duct cleaning to clean your air ducts.

Air Duct Sealing

Does your facility fall under this statistic: “According to the Department of Energy, the typical duct system loses 25 to 40 percent of its energy output due to improper sealing”?

Power Vac America can help you with our HVAC Robotic System. This system helps to mitigate energy loss by fully cleaning and properly sealing your ductwork, resulting in increased airflow and reduced operational costs. It can also dramatically improve your building’s indoor air quality, purging your system of long-unnoticed particulate.

Air Handler Unit Cleaning

Are your employees, clients, or tenants complaining of odors and smells coming from the air handler unit when it is running? Then you will benefit from a complete and proper cleaning of the AHU in accordance with the NADCA standards. Power Vac America can help you!

Contaminants and the dirt that builds up inside of your AHU over time can act as the food source for fungus and mold growth. To eliminate these problems, Power Vac America will:

  • Clean the interior of the air handler cabinet,
  • Clean the blower assemblies,
  • Clean the condensate pan,
  • Treat the fungus and mold on the non porous interior surfaces with an EPA registered anti-microbial,
  • Resurface the internally lined portions of the AHU with either Fosters 40-30 or Carlisle Products RE-500. Both products help prevent future growth of fungus and bacteria as well as help prevent further degradation of the internal lining.

Cooling and Hot Water Coil Cleaning

Are your Delta-P readings too high? Has your basic pressure washing failed? Is your air flow restricted? Are you faced with the high cost of replacing your coils?

Have your cooling coils professionally cleaned by Power Vac America. You can benefit from what we have learned over the years and from the equipment that we have to clean your coils. For your really bad coils, let us steam clean them.

Internally lined Insulation replacement

Has the insulation inside of your AHU become so old and brittle that you can see the bare metal? Are pieces coming off and blowing down your ductwork? Improve your Indoor Air Quality and have Power Vac America replace the old, brittle insulation with a closed-cell insulation that exhibits superior thermal, physical and chemical resistant properties. These low density products are manufactured specifically for commercial, industrial and residential projects where rubber or fiberglass has been specified.

Refurbish the Condensate Pan

When your drain pans start leaking, let Power Vac America refurbish the condensate pan with a high performance, corrosion proof product with high adhesion to metal and plastic surfaces. Our product resists corrosion on aluminum, galvanized, copper and stainless steel. Other features of our pan resurfacing product include:

Collection Devices

Hi Range Vac

Our trailer mounted, 72 HP, diesel collection units provides 20,000 CFM on negative pressure on the duct work at 40” of water column. This creates a 50 to 70 MPH backward air flow through a 10” suction hose to lift and carry all the organic matter and debris we scrub from the interior of the ductwork out of the structure. This unit is used on those extremely dirty commercial systems that requires the extra negative pressure.

220 Volt Collection Unit

Our 220 volt collection unit is ideal for those projects that require a lot of suction, but have no access for the trailer. Providing 14,000 CFM at 20” of water column with its 10 HP motor. Our most popular piece of equipment for large ships. Power requirements are 220 volts, single phase.

The General

This 20 HP, gas powered device provides 5250 CFM at 14” of water column and is our primary collection unit for residential projects. This device is trailer mounted and 8” suction hoses are used to create the negative pressure in the ductwork.

Hepa Vacs

Our HEPA Vacs are used on most commercial and residential jobs. They are used to contact vacuum various components of the air conditioning system including ductwork. They are HEPA filtered for use inside. Powered with 110 volts.