Get it clean!


The Power Vac America team is busy today!  We have one crew cleaning the hvac system in a tug boat out at the Port of Houston and another crew closer to home in Deerpark, cleaning an apartment complex.

The apartment project is a big job–over 200 units!  But these tenants are going to really benefit from their clean ductwork.  Check out this dirty register:

Well, if there’s mold on the outside, there’s sure to be mold on the inside!  Sure enough, here’s what we saw when we popped the register off:

Yikes!  That’s some dirty ductwork!  But don’t worry, the Power Vac America team will get it clean!

Stay tuned and we’ll follow up with some side-by-side before/after shots.  This complex is going to have much cleaner air when we’re through with it!