Earl G. Long – Loving Husband, Father, and Grandfather


Earl G. Long – Loving Husband, Father, and Grandfather 

Earl G. Long, 76, of Waco, passed away Wednesday, December 15, 2004, at a Temple hospital after a short bout with cancer.

Earl and Norma married in 1950, in Mansfield Ohio. That was the beginning of 54 years of a loving and adventurous relationship. Earl and Norma were never the ones to set idle and let life pass them by. They lived a very active and full life. They were never afraid to face a challenge. In 1960 they did not think twice about leaving their life long friends and family and moving their three sons 1200 miles away to a totally foreign place to insure a better climate for theirs sons to live in. When they move to Waco it did not take them long before they were making new friends and starting their lives over. It was not uncommon for the family to spend hours on weekends traveling around the back roads of Texas exploring this great big new place they now called home. They rapidly made new friends in their personal lives and Earl in his professional life. Earl had a few very good people take him under their wings and help him make Waco home.

Earl spent his whole life in sales. This was not by accident. It was not difficult for him to develop a successful carrier in sales because he genuinely liked and cared about the people that were his clients. His sales territory was the entire State of Texas and all he did was make fiends all over the state. He never forgot the names of the people he did business with many years ago. They were all special to him.

His first love was his family. He spent many hard weeks at work and would come home and always had time for any activity that his family was involved in. He especially loved the time his sons were involved in the Boy Scouts. He made sure he always was available for all the activities including the camping trips. He felt it was his duty to help his sons learn the importance of the lessons the scouting program taught. He always remembered these times together and continued to talk about them frequently.

Earl loved the outdoors. As a family there were many weekends spent together on the lake boating, camping or enjoying outdoor cookouts. He found outdoor family activities as rewarding times and continued to value them up to the end.

He always was the guiding light, the councilor, the mentor, and comforter for his sons. He was always there and never let them down. He was their strength when they needed strength; he listened when they needed to be heard and was the guidance when they needed guidance. Most of all he was a loving father to his sons.

At the Long household it was just understood and without any prejudice that Earl and Norma were to be shared. We knew that they meant a lot to others. It was their nature to give of themselves. Their home was always open to anyone that needed a place for a meal or comfort. They treated many others as if they were their own. They were always willing to help anyone that needed a helping hand.

Earl and Norma never lost the connection with their roots and the family they left in Ohio and other places. Earl always had a warm spot in his heart for Norma’s sister and her children. He always loved it when they were able to spend time together.

It was always fun to listen to Earl talk about one of his Grandchildren. He was so proud of each and every one of them. Each one had a special meaning to him. He loved picking on them and teasing them, but most of all he loved them very much. He enjoyed watching them grow and develop into very special individuals.

Earl knew he was blessed with a loving and special wife. He and Norma spent a lifetime together as more than husband and wife. They were best friends. They did not waste any years together. They raise three sons; have six grandchildren that are the stars of their lives. Earl and Norma traveled together from coast to coast, border to border and beyond. It was not uncommon to call their house on the weekend to find out they were not home but out enjoying themselves on the lake fishing or just taking a weekend drive somewhere to see something different.

Things we will always remember about Earl, he was caring, he was giving, he loved positive things and disliked negative things. Earl would always get excited when someone excelled. He loved to see people achieve beyond their expectations. Earl always appreciated positive attitudes. Earl would get excited about a new challenge or a new opportunity. He continuously was studying and looking for new ideas to make something better. He loved to see people work together and achieve great things. He loved business and the opportunity to work with business people.

Earl was a father figure to many people. He had a comforting nature about himself. The lives he has touched and his legacy will live on for generations. Earl left behind a strong family with a strong family bond. This family bond will continue and we will never forget the importance that Earl played in building this bond that will live on.  Earl will be missed but the way he has touched our lives will live on in all of us forever.