Duct Cleaning Services in Pasadena, TX, Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Surrounding Areas

Hvac System Cleaning

If you have an air conditioning unit that is not functioning properly, not only do you need the right tool but you also need the right men to help you fix it. Founded in 1991, Power Vac America has been cleaning air ducts and HVAC systems with state of art equipment that is designed specifically to use for such purposes. Apart from duct cleaning services we also provide add duct mole removal, post-construction add duct clean up, and various other services. For the people of Pasadena, TX, Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Cypress, TX we commit ourselves to providing you the highest level of professional quality all the while maintaining the NADCA standards.

Below We have mentioned 3 common types of duct cleaning services provided by Power Vac America. Take a look.

  • Commercial duct cleaning

If your commercial HVAC unit has stuff blowing out of the air ducts and your employees are complaining of allergy or other respiratory problems, it might be time to call professionals from Power Vac to clean your air ducts by the NADCA standards.

  • Residential duct cleaning

If you or your family members are experiencing dust, indoor allergies, odors and are seeing black staff blowing out of your air conditioning unit, it might be because of clogged ducts inside your system. Our professionals are quite adept at solving these problems by providing new professional duct cleaning services.

  • Government duct cleaning

As a government agency, local, state, or federal, your office HVAC unit needs to have the highest quality for duct cleaning. And, to meet this standard you need to work with the most efficient professional cleaners in your area who know how to go about cleaning the ducts of HVAC systems to provide clean and cold air.

So, if you need professional help for cleaning the ducts of your air conditioning unit, you can get in touch with our experts at (713) 645- 4611.