Duct Cleaning Services and Air Duct Cleaning in West University, TX

Air Duct Cleaning in West University, TXFrom homes to businesses to industrial sites and more in West University, the air ducts in those buildings need to be inspected and cleaned from time to time. It could be an odd smell that is noticed when the HVAC system kicks on, or it might be multiple complaints about not feeling well in the office. Whatever the situation, the team from Power Vac America can bring their expertise for air duct cleaning to provide professional duct cleaning services to your building. Not only will it improve the indoor air quality in your building, but you will also be reducing the strain on the HVAC system, extending its life and saving you money over the long term. Give Power Vac America a call today to learn more.

Duct Cleaning Services in West University, Texas

While air duct cleaning is most thought of for residential buildings, that is only part of the many different services that Power Vac America provides. Along with the residential duct cleaning services, they offer industrial duct cleaning services and commercial duct cleaning services. With all of the different materials that are used in industrial and commercial settings, it is important that the ducts of the building are clean and clear of potential contaminants. Power Vac America can also handle marine duct cleaning which presents its own set of problems that other land-based ducts don’t have to deal with.

Air Duct Cleaning in West University, TX

Duct Cleaning Services in West University, TXPerhaps there is an odd odor that you smell when your West University HVAC system turns on. You might notice an excess of dust on flat surfaces and in the air. Or you may even see mold on air vents. Whatever your situation might be, having a professional air duct cleaning will make a world of difference. The team has a multistep process that will ensure a much cleaner ductwork system and improved indoor air quality. They clean both the supply and return venting and ducts, as well as the air handler so that they get the entire system. If needed, they will then treat the non-porous surfaces to help prevent mold growth in the future. They will also provide you with any areas that should be repaired or otherwise have issues to address. Call Power Vac America today to get your air duct cleaning scheduled.

About West University, TX

The City of West University was declared incorporated by the County Judge of Harris County on January 2, 1924. The city incorporated because Houston was reluctant to extend power lines that far from the city center. Because of the 1923 incorporation, Houston did not incorporate West University’s territory into its city limits, while Houston annexed surrounding areas that were unincorporated. In 1939, the municipality refused to consolidate, later adopting a formal city charter the following year.

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