Our Duct Cleaning Equipment

Collection Devices for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Hi Range Vac

Truck mounted vacuum engine for commercial air duct cleaningOur trailer mounted, 72 HP, diesel collection units provides 20,000 CFM on negative pressure on the duct work at 40” of water column. This creates a 50 to 70 MPH backward air flow through a 10” suction hose to lift and carry all the organic matter and debris we scrub from the interior of the ductwork out of the structure. This unit is used on those extremely dirty commercial systems that requires the extra negative pressure.

220 Volt Collection Unit

Portable Collection Unit for Commercial Air Duct CleaningOur 220 volt collection unit is ideal for those projects that require a lot of suction, but have no access for the trailer. Providing 14,000 CFM at 20” of water column with its 10 HP motor. Our most popular piece of equipment for large ships. Power requirements are 220 volts, single phase.

Nikro UR5000

Nikro Portable Collection Vacuum for Commercial Air Duct CleaningOur most popular collection device. This powerful vacuum incorporates two backward incline motor and blower assemblies, which create a powerful combination of vacuum and air flow, making it ideal for commercial air duct cleaning. Creating 5000 CFM at 5” of water column and HEPA filter, it is ideal for most commercial projects. Power requirements are two (2) 110 volts on separate circuits.

Click here to go to the Nikro website and learn more about these powerful collection units.

The General

This 20 HP, gas powered device provides 5250 CFM at 14” of water column and is our primary collection unit for residential projects. This device is trailer mounted and 8” suction hoses are used to create the negative pressure in the ductwork.

Hepa Vacs

Our HEPA Vacs are used on most commercial and residential jobs. They are used to contact vacuum various components of the air conditioning system including ductwork. They are HEPA filtered for use inside. Powered with 110 volts.