Deadly Mold Found in Hospital Ducts

Allergies and Mold

Deadly Mold Found in Hospital Ducts 

State officials are investigating a potentially lethal fungus found in the dirty ventilation system of Scripps Memorial Hospital-La Jolla, whose officials acknowledged that two directors were asked to resign because of the problem.

The discovery led infection-control specialists to realize the duct system had not been cleaned according to the hospital’s schedule.

If the fungus or mold, called aspergillus, had spread to hospital corridors, it could have killed patients.

Aspergillus is an airborne fungus commonly found in decaying vegetation, insulating material and walls or ceilings, and can be released in dusty environments.

It is harmless to healthy people but can be lethal when inhaled by people with weakened immune systems.

Source:  San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego, CA

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