Cooling Coils: A Source of Odors in Your Commercial Building?

Feb 27, 2017Hvac System Cleaning

As our incredibly brief winter draws to a close, it’s time to think about cleaning your cooling coils.  If you or your tenants notice a musty smell, it could be that your cooling coils are clogged up with debris.  When that debris gets moist, it can quickly develop mold and mildew.  That fungal and bacterial growth can spread down the ductwork, pushed by the force of the air blowing through the a/c, and make a small problem (fungal growth on your coils) a big problem (fungal growth spread throughout the whole HVAC unit).

To prevent that bigger problem, give us a call to clean your cooling coils.  A little preventative maintenance now can save you a lot of headache in the future.

Why call Power Vac America?

What you risk when you call “the other guys”:

Improperly cleaned cooling coils

You can clearly see the lines from the pressure washer on these coils.  There may be some clean spots, but there is still a lot of dirt left clogging up these coils.

What you get when you call us:

Clean Cooling Coil After Picture inside Air Handler Unit Properly Cleaned

This is a photo of those same coils, after our team came through and cleaned them.

We clean all coils thoroughly and evenly, using our steam cleaner.  Also, we use a coil cleaner that has a neutral pH, the same pH as water, in fact.  This means that we aren’t using chemicals that will leave your coils pitted and brittle.  We are committed to green cleaning!

As always, we clean all coils and all ductwork (Return and/or Supply) to the NADCA standards.

Minimally Invasive Cleaning Procedures During the Spring Hours

It looks like it’s going to be a warm Spring, and we know that your customers cannot be without air conditioning in the Texas heat.

Air Duct Cleaning Robot

Air Duct Cleaning Robot

During the spring, we perform air duct cleaning when it is most convenient to your clients.  Often, for buildings such as office buildings or retail spaces, this means cleaning the air ducts and HVAC system during the night and on the weekends, when the building is unoccupied.  This leaves plenty of time to get the system back up and cooling the space before your tenants return in the morning.

We know that your commercial clients often need immediate attention in order to get up and running again.  For that reason, we can have a commercial crew deployed to a jobsite in less than 48 hours in most cases.

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