Commercial air handler cleaning in Dallas, Austin, Houston, The Woodlands, and Nearby Cities

Hvac System Cleaning

It is quite a common phenomenon for germs, mildew, debris, and mold to get caught in the ductwork of your air conditioning unit. But if ignored for long, this will affect the efficiency of your unit and your system might eventually break down. This is where our experts at PowerVac America come in with commercial air handler cleaning, coil cleaning, cooling tower cleaning, and various other commercials as well as residential services. Founded in the year 1991, we have grown to be one of the largest air duct cleaning companies in and around San Antonio, Dallas, Harris County, Austin, Houston, and The Woodlands. Our technicians follow all the safe levels set by NADCA to remove the last speck of mold and bacteria and improve your indoor air quality.

Below we have mentioned a few common services provided by commercial air handlers. Take a look.

  • Cleaning the interior air handler cabinet

Spraying down the interior cabinet as well as the exterior housing with the help of a cleaning solution like hydrogen peroxide can help in reaching the interior corner and removing all traces of visible mold.

  • Cleaning the blower assemblies and condensate pan

If your condensate pan has standing water in it, your dream line it could be clogged. Remove all the water from the drip pan and around the unit and then clean the pan with mild dish soap will do the job.

  • Resurfacing internally lined portions of AHU

Preventive maintenance goes a long way and is recommended for all types of ductworks. This will keep the AHU containing the air filter racks or chambers, mixing chambers, and dampers clean. Also, the heating and cooling recovery system will function optimally.

So, if you are in need of a professional air handler cleaning expert, you can talk to our experts at (713) 645-4611.