Commercial Air Handler Cleaning in Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands

Hvac System Cleaning

How often do you check out your commercial HVAC system? If you do, that often means that you need to get up on the roof of the building, or other inconvenient places. And once you are there, do you know what to look for or what to do? This is why organizations like Power Vac America exist, to help Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and surrounding area commercial buildings and businesses focus on their core competencies while they take care of things that they are experts at. Commercial air handler cleaning will ensure that the air that is blown around the commercial setting is clean and pollutant-free.

Parts That Are Cleaned in an Air Handler

Commercial air handler cleaning addresses several different components in the air handler itself. The air blowers themselves are the workhorses of the air handler, and as they get clogged with dirt and debris they need to work harder to move the air, plus they spread around the dust and pollen throughout the commercial space. The blower blades will be cleaned as will the housing and other areas in the air blower areas.

The filtration equipment is also addressed in a commercial air handler cleaning. Any filters in the air handler need to be cleaned or replaced, depending on the kind of filter you have. Not only that, but the areas around the filters will also be cleaned. Like the air blower area, the filter areas can also have dust and debris that will reduce the effectiveness of the system and make your system work harder, shortening the life of your system.

The other area that gets attention in a commercial air handler cleaning is the cooling coils. These coils also called evaporator coils, are there to help condition the air that is flowing through the handler and bring the temperature of the air down to where you want it. Again, dirt and debris can get caught on these coils, making them less effective in cooling the air since they are covered in dirt and dust, and it makes the whole system work harder to cool your commercial space. Power Vac also offers commercial coil cleaning services in Houston, Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Don’t let the air handlers at your Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and surrounding area continue being overworked while underperforming for your commercial space. Contact Power Vac America today and have their expert technicians come and perform a commercial air handler cleaning.