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June 18, 2014

Is it HOT in your building?

Increase your airflow and cooling efficiency with our new Clean & Green Coil Cleaner!

Power Vac America’s “Product of the Month”:

Clean and Green Coil Cleaner

This month’s product spotlight is on our new Clean & Green Coil Cleaner, a non-toxic, pH neutral coil cleaner certified by the Green Clean Institution.  This product avoids pitting on coils by attacking the biofilm and other biological material on the coils, rather than stripping the coils themselves.

   Attack the gunk, not the coils!

Clean & Green recently released the results of their coil cleaner used on a 50 ton chilled water unit, based on before and after measurements:

*33% improvement in Cooling efficiency (BTUH/GPM)  

*49% improvement in the cooling unit’s operational efficiency 

*13.2% increase in CFM through the unit

Curious to know what the air flow increase will be across your unit’s coils?

Power Vac America takes before and after Delta P readings across the coils and includes this information in your Project Completion Documentation, along with any photos and videos!

Don’t just tell the building owner or management how much better your unit is running, SHOW THEM!

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