BBB Houston and Silver Fox Advisors Presentation

About Power Vac America

What an honor! Power Vac America was selected to give a presentation to the Silver Fox Advisors last week, at the Houston Racquet Club.

The Silver Fox Advisors

The Silver Fox Advisors of Houston are a group of CEO and other Senior Executives who provide business mentoring and consulting services to up and coming businesses in Houston.  You can read more about them on their website.

We were asked to present on our company, the leadership style of Power Vac America, and highlight the Pinnacle Award for Excellence that we received earlier this year.

The BBB of Houston

Every year, the Silver Fox Advisors partners up with the Houston BBB to sponsor the Awards for Excellence, which recognizes businesses in Houston that go above and beyond in providing services to their customers.

We’ve been pleased to win this award every year since 2010!

In addition, the BBB and the Silver Fox Advisors also select a handful of the Awards for Excellence winner to receive the Pinnacle Award, which is the highest award possible and recognizes superior products, services, and companies.

We’ve been honored to win the Pinnacle Award three times!

Our BBB Houston and Silver Fox Advisors Presentation

We were selected, out of almost 300 winners of the Award for Excellence, to present on our company and the things that make our company so successful and such a great place to work.  Michele Whitebread gave the presentation.

First, we presented on the basics of air duct cleaning, and the types of air duct cleaning that Power Vac America performs.  We showed a few before and after photos, and highlighted our robotic cleaning procedures.

Then, we discussed the leadership style within the company, and how that sets the tone for the company’s culture through delegation, education, and generous HR policies.

Finally, we highlighted our work with the BBB and how the Award for Excellence application process has been incorporated into our yearly company-wide internal assessment procedure.

Power Vac America is a truly great place to work every day and it was a huge honor to be recognized by such a prestigious association!

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