Air Duct Mold Removal in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Cypress, TX, and all the Surrounding Areas

Hvac System Cleaning

Mold is quite common in every household. Thus, you have to understand when your air ducts need proper cleaning. If you are looking for such services in and around Cypress, TX, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, kindly get in touch which Power Vac America. We provide air duct mold removal services in the best possible ways. This is the reason why we have retained hundreds of customers over the years. Now if you’re wondering about the signs of dirty or clogged air ducts in your house, kindly read the rest of this blog. 

  • High energy bills: One of the first things that you should notice is your energy bills. If you are witnessing your utility bills rise higher every month, then your home’s ductwork is to be blamed. If you choose us, will send professionals who will go and inspect your air ducts properly. Air ducts can become dirty often and this is the reason why you need professional cleanup.  
  • Mold on the surface of HVAC: Secondly, you should call us to clean your air duct if you have seen mold in the furnace of your air conditioning system. This is a severe reason and before it spreads too much, you should call a professional company. This can hamper the foundation of your home actually. This is more common if you live in a humid climate. Our technicians have the right training and credentials to remove mold after identifying them. We have indoor air quality experts in our team. We will make sure that you’re indoor air quality is the best. 

So these are the 2 reasons why you should contact us for mold removal. You should also get your air ducts cleaned if your house has been renovated or extended recently or if you live in a very busy area. 

If you see layers of dust on your furniture on a daily basis, there is no reason why you should not get in touch with someone like us. To know more, kindly get in touch with us now!