Do you know if you have mold in your ducts?

Lurking in the air ducts of your Clear Lake City, TX home could be a substance that makes breathing more difficult and could lead to itchy eyes and sneezing. Your air ducts could be supporting mold, and you need to have air duct mold removal by the experts at Power Vac America, Inc. With the humidity that we all experience living in southeast Texas, it provides great conditions for mold to proliferate and affect our indoor air quality. When you suspect you may need duct cleaning services or see signs of mold, contact Power Vac America, Inc. to schedule our technicians to come out and clean things up.

Air Duct Mold Remediation in Clear Lake City

While basic air duct mold removal is common and typically is all that most residences require, in some cases having a full air duct mold remediation process is the best option. Our technicians will first do an assessment of your air ducts to find where the mold is and then make a plan for containment of the mold so that it doesn’t escape and get blown throughout your home. We will then remove all of the mold and follow that up with an anti-microbial fog sent throughout your home’s ductwork as well as providing an anti-fungal coating to the insides of your ducts. Your entire system will then be returned to normal and you will not have to worry about the proliferation of mold in the future.

Duct Cleaning Services in Clear Lake City, Texas

Whether you have mold in your air ducts or not, having duct cleaning services performed on the air ducts in your home is a smart idea. Cleaning your air ducts removes dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other irritants and contaminants, allowing you to breathe easier in your Clear Lake City, TX, home. Contact Power Vac America, Inc. to learn more and schedule your air duct inspection and cleaning.

The first substantial development on the land Clear Lake City now occupies was accomplished by James Marion West, who came to Texas from Mississippi as a boy in 1880. Humble Oil (now ExxonMobil) purchased the property from West in 1938 after oil was discovered. Clear Lake City was the former location of the Clear Lake City STOLport, a private airport constructed and owned by Houston Metro Airlines which was located on State Highway 3 just south of Ellington Field.

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