Air Duct Mold Remediation in Kingwood, TX

Improve your home’s indoor air quality with air duct mold removal!

If you are like most homeowners in Kingwood, TX, you likely don’t think about what might be sitting inside your air ducts. From dust and pollen as well as mold, your ducts and your health could benefit from duct cleaning services from our team at Power Vac America, Inc. If you see signs that your air ducts might have mold in them, it is important to have air duct mold removal performed as soon as possible to prevent it from growing as well as spreading. Contact Power Vac America, Inc. to schedule our duct cleaning services to take care of your mold issue in your air ducts.

Supply air duct before cleaning with mold and dirt build upSupply duct after air duct cleaning and sealing


Air Duct Mold Removal in Kingwood

When you have dirty air ducts, including from mold, there are a number of health issues you might be experiencing when you spend time indoors. Your nose, eyes, or throat can be irritated, you might experience headaches, your allergies could be worse, and you might even have fatigue, nausea, or rashes. These will often clear up temporarily when you are out of the house for extended periods of time, such as leaving for work or a weekend away.

When you have air duct mold removal services from Power Vac America, Inc. you can rest assured that you will notice a difference. Your breathing will be better, and you will find that there is much less dust on flat surfaces. Also, any odors that you might have noticed before the air duct cleaning will be gone as well. In some cases, the amount of mold present warrants doing a full air duct mold remediation. In these cases, our team will encapsulate the mold before removing it to ensure that it doesn’t get loose in your HVAC system. We will also take additional steps to prevent future mold growth in your system.

Duct Cleaning Services performed by an expert in Kingwood,TXDuct Cleaning Services in Kingwood, Texas

Unless you have just had new HVAC ducts installed in your Kingwood, TX, home, you might be surprised at what you would find inside your air ducts. Pollen, dust, mold, and other nasty things are hiding and causing health issues with your indoor air quality. Put our 30 years of experience to work with duct cleaning services that will improve your indoor air quality and have you breathing easier. Contact Power Vac America, Inc. to schedule your air duct cleaning today.

Kingwood was founded in 1970, and the first village opened in 1971. Since its opening, the community had the slogan “The Livable Forest.” Houston re-annexed Kingwood at 11:59 PM on December 31, 1996, adding about 15,000 acres to the city limits. A 1999 series of robberies were perpetrated by four teenage girls from Kingwood. The film “Sugar & Spice” was loosely based on the incidents.

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