Air Duct Mold Remediation and Air Duct Mold Removal in Katy, TX

Air Duct Mold Remediation in Katy, TXThe ducts in HVAC systems transport air throughout your home or business here in Katy, TX. However, these ducts can get dirty over time, gathering mold, dirt, and other unwanted pollutants. Contaminants in air ducts can even contribute to issues with poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Fortunately, you can set up an appointment for air duct mold remediation to handle this issue quickly. Our team at Power Vac America provides the cleaning service you want to remove mold and other debris from your ductwork.

As a professional air duct cleaning company, we understand what it takes to get rid of mold, allowing you to breathe easily. Reach out to us for an appointment by calling (713) 645-4611.

Air Duct Mold Removal in Katy, TX

We’re here to help you understand the process of air duct mold removal. Getting rid of the mold in your air vents represents a multi-step process here in Katy, TX. We’ll begin the air duct mold remediation process with an inspection to determine the extent of the mold infestation.

After an inspection, mold removal crews can provide you with information about your situation. You can then decide whether or not to go on with the mold cleanup process. Once we’re prepared to handle mold remediation, we can:Air Duct Mold Removal in Katy, TX

  • Take steps to contain the mold
  • Remove objects infested with mold
  • Flush the vents with anti-microbial fog
  • Apply an anti-fungal coating to the vents
  • Clean and restore the ductwork

Throughout the process, our crews will offer you attentive customer service while putting you first. Reach out to us to start the vent cleaning process right now.

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Air Duct Mold Remediation in Katy, Texas

Air duct mold remediation can help you breathe easier in your Katy, TX property. Mold circulating through your home or business can cause allergies, headaches, throat irritation, and other health issues. Fortunately, Power Vac America is here to help.

Located close to Houston, the city of Katy has a long history as a railroad town, located along the path of the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. You can visit the historic town square or the Katy Mills Mall while we handle air duct mold remediation for you.

Contacting us to set up an appointment is as simple as calling (713) 645-4611. Allow us to get started right now to protect the air quality of your property.

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