Air Duct Cleaning Services in Pasadena, TX

Dirty return before air duct cleaning in Pasadena TX

What lurks in your system?

Your air ducts and vents are prone to all sorts of pollutants, especially dust. If you don’t address the dust problem swiftly, it continues to accumulate, significantly reducing your indoor air quality. If you want to ensure your indoor air quality remains pristine while improving your home’s or business’s airflow in Pasadena, TX, you need Power Vac American’s professional duct cleaning services.

The Power Vac America team is fully licensed and NADCA certified to handle all your air duct and vent cleaning needs in Pasadena. We’ve provided high-quality duct cleaning services for the last 30 years, allowing us to tackle even the most strenuous duct cleaning projects. Our expert cleaning techniques provide superior results and will make your indoor air quality better than ever. If you want the best air duct cleaning Pasadena, TX, has to offer, Power Vac America is here for you

Air Duct Cleaning in Pasadena, TX

Kenny residential air duct cleaner for Power Vac America cleans a return duct in a house in Pasadena, TXAt Power Vac America, our industry-leading cleaning tools and techniques give us a leg up on the competition. We use proven air duct cleaning methods that guarantee you receive top-notch duct cleaning services 100% of the time. Our techniques consist of the five following steps:

  1. Cleaning: We start by removing all the dust and debris from your air duct system.
  2. Treating: After the area is nice and clean, we use an antimicrobial (when necessary) to prevent mold growth and other fungal progressions.
  3. Sealing: Once we treat the area, we seal any leaks plaguing your air ducts. This step helps the system’s airflow while protecting it from potential leaks resulting in water damage.
  4. Checking: Next, we check your heating and cooling system to make sure everything functions properly. Although we don’t repair the unit ourselves, we know plenty of top-notch companies that can handle the job if need be.
  5. Resurfacing: Finally, we resurface the area and apply an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial solution to protect your ducts from unwanted contaminants

Got Questions? Get Answers!

How much does it cost to get your air duct cleaned?

We don’t use low priced offers to get you hooked and change the price when we arrive. We only provide the best HVAC system cleaning that includes the entire interior of your air conditioning system. Once we have discussed your specifics we can… Read More

Duct Cleaning Services for Pasadena, Texas

There’s nothing we enjoy more than giving back to our fantastic Pasadena community. The city has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Founded in 1893, Pasadena quickly became prominent for its lush agricultural development. In fact, it became the strawberry capital of the region. As the city evolved, it transformed into the industrial hub we love today.

Get the best duct cleaning services in Pasadena, TX, with Power Vac America. Contact us and improve your indoor air quality today!

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