Air Duct Cleaning in Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands

Hvac System Cleaning

Have you ever considered what might be in your ductwork? Pollen, hair, dirt, pet dander, or even worse. And that gets blown all over your house every time your heating or cooling system turns on. If you are starting to notice your allergies getting worse every time the HVAC system is run, it is time to schedule an air duct cleaning from Power Vac America. They have been doing air duct cleaning for more than 30 years and have the expertise to properly clean your air ducts and provide you with cleaner air in your Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, or surrounding area home or business.

How Can You Tell When You Need An Air Duct Cleaning?

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air is up to 70% more contaminated than outdoor air. But how can you easily tell that you need an air duct cleaning? If you are finding more dust than usual accumulating on things in your home, odds are your ducts have a lot of dust in them and are in need of a cleaning. You may also find that your vents and registers have mold or fungus visible on the fins, this is also a clear indication that you need an air duct cleaning. Finally, if you can smell odors when your HVAC system kicks on, this also is an indication that you need an air duct cleaning. If you experience any of these, give a call to Power Vac America to have their technicians come out to evaluate your system and provide you information on air duct cleanings.

What Are The Benefits of Having An Air Duct Cleaning?

You can expect the above issues that were present to be corrected, which is a major benefit to your health. No more odors, no more mold or fungus, and no more additional dust being blown around your home. You should notice that the air is also cleaner in general, which helps your breathing. More than likely, you will notice that you don’t need to dust your home as often since the dust has been removed from your system. Your Cypress, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, or surrounding area home’s HVAC system will also be able to run more efficiently after an air duct cleaning. When you are ready for your air duct cleaning or even if you have questions, give Power Vac America a call.