Air Duct Cleaning Cost in Houston, TX

Air Duct Cleaning Cost in Houston TX Power Vac America crew member performing air duct cleaning Houston TX

As a home or business owner in Houston, TX, keeping your duct system clean is important. Before committing to a contract, however, you need to get a basic idea of the air duct cleaning cost.

The short answer is that it depends on the extent of the residential/commercial/industrial air duct cleaning project. For example, clearing the dust and dirt from a home air handler is far less complicated than sanitizing the system in an industrial complex. For those running businesses, you also need to consider Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

As such, the PowerVac America team provides estimates after inspecting your property and discussing your needs. We don’t feel comfortable giving generic quotes online because we prefer to provide accurate figures.

Some air duct cleaning companies provide a very low estimate and then surprise you with a padded bill afterward. PowerVac America, however, emphasizes building a good customer relationship. We want you to call us the next time you require residential/commercial/industrial air duct cleaning, so we always provide the very best service.

If you require business or residential air duct cleaning that more than meets the strict standards of the EPA, call our offices today.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning Cost in Houston, TX

To give you a basic idea, residential air duct cleaning in Houston, TX, starts at around $775 and increases to about $1,000 per unit in the home. This price includes a thorough cleanse of the entire air handler and duct system from top to bottom.

With business projects, we must send a technician to your premises to evaluate the situation. The estimate for our clean duct service is free of charge, so feel free to call us.

Duct Cleaning Services for Houston Homes and Businesses

Duct Cleaning Services in Houston, TXPowerVac America provides a comprehensive range of business and residential air duct cleaning services. We combine 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to detect signs of water damage and contamination in your duct system.

The air duct cleaning cost is offset by the early detection and clearance of dangerous toxins and the subsequent improvement in air quality. Call PowerVac America today to stop water damage and potential contamination issues in their tracks. Reach out for commercial or residential air duct cleaning today by calling (713) 645-4611.

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