Air Duct Cleaning, Air Vent Cleaning, and Duct Cleaning Services in Kingwood, TX

Don’t waste another minute – Get your air ducts cleaned today!

Have you ever looked inside the air ducts of your Kingwood, TX, home? If you did, you would likely be a little grossed out at all of the dust, dirt, and other things in your air ducts. This is why having an air duct cleaning by our team at Power Vac America, Inc. is so important to your indoor air quality as well as your health. The filter that you have as part of your HVAC system is good, but it can’t clean everything and the truth is that some contaminants will get trapped and linger in your air ducts. Bringing in our duct cleaning services will clean out your ducts so you don’t have to worry about your indoor health. Contact us today to schedule your duct cleaning with us.

Air Duct Cleaning in Kingwood, TX

Dirty return before air duct cleaning in Kingwood, TXIs there a way you can tell when your air ducts need cleaning? There are a few signs that you can notice that would tell you to contact Power Vac America, Inc. to schedule your air duct cleaning. First is finding more dust than usual accumulating on flat surfaces around your home. Another sign is finding dirt, dust, or mold around your vents or registers around your home. This is a very evident sign that duct cleaning is a smart move for your indoor air quality. You may also notice an odor when your HVAC system is running, and this is another telltale sign that duct cleaning services are in order. If you experience any of these, contact Power Vac America, Inc. to have their technicians come out to evaluate your system and provide you with information on air duct cleanings.

Air Duct Cleaning Company Serving Kingwood, Texas

We have more than 30 years of service for air duct cleanings, and you don’t last this long without doing things right and keeping your customers satisfied. We are serious about duct cleaning and doing things right, which is why we also have air conditioning licenses per state guidelines to properly clean the air conditioning system as part of our duct cleaning services. Don’t settle for any duct cleaning company, choose a well-established outfit like Power Vac America, Inc. to perform air duct cleaning on your Kingwood, TX, home.

Kingwood is a 14,000-acre master-planned community. The Foster Lumber Company originally owned a portion of the tract of land that was later developed into the community of Kingwood. The Foster Family had owned the land since around 1892. The City of Houston annexed portions of what would become Kingwood in the 1960s, but it dis-annexed those portions by the late 1970s, making them unincorporated.

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