6 Reasons to Choose Power Vac America

Hvac System Cleaning

Why Choose Power Vac America?

With so many air duct cleaners out there, it can be hard to figure out where you’re going to get the most for your money.  Here are 6 reasons to choose Power Vac America.

1. Swift Response, Honest Communication:

  • On-call 24 hours a day
  • Able to estimate a project within 24 hours upon receiving a request. Most quotations can then be prepared and emailed to the client within 12 hours, and a team can be mobilized immediately.
  • From the first phone call requesting an estimate, Power Vac America provides a line of open communication.
  • Thorough closing documents that detail our cleaning process and our results. Flexibility and personal touch of a small business that a large business simply cannot provide.

2. High Quality Services:

  • Highly specialized: By specializing and staying highly-focused on one service, air duct cleaning, we are able to provide a superior service and superior results.
  • No “upselling”: We perform all work to the highest standards, eliminating any need for “upselling”.
  • Clean to the ACR 2013 code standards for duct cleaning: The standards reinforce the importance of source removal, removing the debris and/or fungal growth, before treating the ductwork with a coating or encapsulant. The standards also emphasize the containment measures necessary to prevent the debris in the ductwork from contaminating the interior of the building space.

3. State of the Art Equipment:

  • Newer, more efficient technology such as our robotic inspection system and our robotic duct sealing system. We are the only duct-cleaning company in Houston to be able to provide this, and one of only a few in the state of Texas.
  • Job-specific equipment: A vacuum designed to clean carpets simply cannot effectively clean ductwork. For this reason, all of our equipment was specifically designed to clean air handlers and ductwork.

4. Dedicated to Providing Green Cleaning Options:

  • Heavy emphasis on green cleaning options
  • Example: our coil cleaner which is certified as safe for use in food processing plants. Coil cleaning is notoriously a toxic process, using noxious chemicals to strip the coils of biomaterial and causing pitting and other damage to the coil fins themselves in the process. Since 2013, we were selected to offer a powerful coil cleaner called “Green Clean”, a coil cleaner safe enough for human consumption. Continual use has also been shown in studies to progressively increase air flow across the coils, an increase not seen with traditional coil cleaners!

5. Exemplary Safety Standards:

  • Member of ISNetworld—only awarded to those companies who meet the highest safety standards. Requires rigorous safety testing & screening to be eligible.
  • “A” rating with LyondellBasel.
  • Have received the NADCA safety award every year since it was first offered in 1995—one of only a few companies in the entire United States to achieve this goal.

6. After Hours Services

  • Perform duct cleaning during non-occupied hours– night-shift or holidays when the building is unoccupied.
  • Schools, offices, and commercial buildings prefer that we perform our work during the evenings and weekends, when the space is unoccupied. In Texas, air conditioning is highly valued!
  • Routinely work in 24 hour occupied spaces, such as hospitals, where after hours work will be least disruptive to the occupants.

We want to hear from you! Call or email to tell us about your indoor air quality problems.  We’ll help you find the right solution.